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Louis Vuitton handbags and purses are relatively speaking high-priced items. Being high-end items, these bags are absolutely not your normal, mass produced items that come a dime a dozen. Mass producing often means no  means of  ensuring quality. Of course, while this is not to say that each Louis Vuitton handbag is hand-sewn,  because they aren’t. However, there is a lot of human involvement that goes on during the manufacture of these bags, involving quality checking and production control measures, in order to output premium first rate, quality end products. Since human effort costs money, it is  easy to understand that Louis Vuitton bags Louis Vuitton bag with signature image are more expensive than mass produced products. Mass production can produce lower quality, but of course will usually cost less.  The company’s brand signature is rich chocolate colored leather with gold stamped initials.

Another reason why these bags cost dearly is the brand building that the makers are investing to keep their name associated with celebrity status, opulence and luxury. Celebrity endorsements can run into the millions as does massive advertising campaigns that are run to keep Louis Vuitton hovering around the the top of the handbag food chain these days.

Since the handbags offer much pride of ownership and prestige, people are willing to continue paying their high price tag. There are other factors that  enter in to keeping the brand name popular.

Designed for durability and toughness, these bags are made with high quality genuine leather which is then crafted by means of master craftsmanship at the hands of highly skilled journeymen and women. The end product is of great value to many value-conscious people who greatly the ownership of such a high quality status producing symbol. When properly taken care of these bags can last a very long time, outlasting cheaper products and saving money in the long run.

The high quality leather being used is ‘highly worked’ leather, that is, leather which has passed through long tanning and beautification procedures to insure beauty and longevity of the end-product to come. Only highly skilled master craftsmen who have been trained in the processes that product leather that will meet the makers of these handbags are utilized.

With regard to handiwork, the  various  primary parts that make up Louis Vuitton bags are  assembled with a strong yet nearly  unnoticeable stitching material,  making the bags appear almost seamless. The results are gorgeous, high end products that will give buyers beauty and service for years to come.

Turning to  charm, it is an incontestable reality that Louis Vuitton bags are aesthetically  enticing, and that they  have the tendency to  keep their visual appeal even after a considerable period of use, which is unlike  lots of lower-end bags that lose their luster not long after they leave the shelf.

The company is counting on the fact that the bearer of a Louis Vuitton bag  immediately and  unconsciously feels that the bag gives the impression of high esteem, opulence, fashion awareness and distinguishing taste.And in many cases it does indeed. This is why this brand is one of the most sought after handbags in the world. This fashion line has  ended up being  associated with luxury,  appeal,and class, things many women value.  Stars can be seen all over the tabloids, newspapers, television and the Internet, have been spotted with a Louis Vuitton handbag at their side, which  substantially influences the basic public. If you are in the market of a Louis Vuitton handbag, click here.